Wedding UK Business Franchise Opportunity

This is an opportunity for you to get involved in the dynamic, vibrant Wedding Industry.

At a time when so many market sectors are reporting a downturn in business the statistics show that the number of weddings taking place in the UK each year is staying very much the same, around 280,000. It is estimated that the current annual spend on weddings in the UK 
is running at a staggering £10billion – this is your chance to share in that phenomenal volume of business.

This opportunity results from Wedding UK bringing together in 2011 an exciting new product and a dynamic wedding market sector.
This really is the formula for all-round success.

We all know that increasing numbers of people of all ages live their lives today using their iPhones, iPads and Android Smartphones to organise everything they do. They download on to these devices Apps that help them. Sometimes these Apps are just for entertainment but many serve a practical lifestyle purpose.

At Wedding Fairs, where we promote the Wedding UK App, we find that most of the future brides, and grooms, tells us that they have either an iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone. When we tell them about the Wedding UK App and show them what it does they will, very often, download it on to their device during the conversation - it is a FREE download – and start using it while they are still at the Wedding Fair!!

Also at Wedding Fairs we meet suppliers to the wedding sector and they too can see the appeal of the Wedding UK App as a 21st Century marketing tool. They can easily understand that for a very low annual cost they can get their sales message in front of potential customers at exactly the right time.

At the start of 2013 there have been well over 100,000 downloads of the Wedding UK App across the UK. This means that in your area now there are people planning their weddings using the App and there will also be wedding sector service providers who will want to know how they can tap into this obvious potential.

For these suppliers it really is the most modern and cost effective way of marketing their businesses.

All businesses need a marketing strategy to enable them to reach out to potential customers. In the Wedding sector there are a number of traditional marketing routes all of which will help deliver customers to them. These are -

Magazines –there are specialist wedding magazines where an advertisement can be placed on the basis that a bride may see it when reading through the magazine.

Local radio can also be used to advertise – but that's very expensive and as you know it is essential to keep repeating the message for a long time before it sinks in.

Wedding Fairs are places where they know they will meet future brides and grooms, face-to-face, but the exhibitor only has a limited amount of time to get their message across and the visitor will be talking to a number of other exhibitors during their time at the Wedding Fair.

The Wedding UK App adds another exciting opportunity for a business to add to its marketing mix.

This opportunity can help you to build a successful business in your area by bringing together service providers in the wedding sector with the most modern marketing tool that exists for them. The exclusive territory that you will be given when you obtain a Licence will give you literally hundreds of potential customers – venues, photographers, musicians, hairdressers, wedding dress suppliers, wedding transport, wedding cakemakers, florists, caterers and so many more who depend on the wedding sector for their livelihood.

The Licence will allow you to operate in your territory for 3 years and during that time you will be given training and business support as
well as promotional and display material including business cards and an email address.